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Ms J


What a fantastic opportunity and absolutely gourmet-tastic trip you had! All that seafood made me salivate with hunger

Not to mention the lamb!! (I actually have a leg in my freezer that needs roasting in the not-so-distant future, so that's okay). The sheepskin rugs are fantastic too; I used to have one as a baby/small child, as do most kids in Australia.

Thanks for sharing!



yummy and you got to try the kattedon! what a great adventure!


Kattedon sounds amazing - is it a Hokkaido only thing or can you get it anywhere else?

Sandwich Architecture

Wow! That is one seriously amazing adventure and blog post!

Bear meat - how interesting; unappetizing packaging indeed. The other food looks delicious though... all that fresh fish!

I really enjoyed the photos of the sheep shearing. I grew up in Iowa (USA), and it brought back memories of taking a school field trip to a farm to witness a shearing. The sheep looking at her own coat is the best!


I love that you went from seafood, to wool, back to seafood, lol! The seafood looked really delicious - I'd love to try scallops one day. The ones in the trays looked really plump and fresh.


Sorry, I missed that or maybe it was a typo. Did you say that your brother-in-law cooks on a charcoal grill every night? Wow! I guess it's a style of robata - and I wouldn't pass it up if my dinner looked like that every time.

My in-laws have a sheepskin at their place, but I always figured it was fake. It's nice and comfy too, but it also picks up a lot of gomi. Sounds like you had a great trip!


What an amazing adventure! The sea food looks delicious and I read the part about the ewe getting a haircut whit lots of interest. Great post and great pictures!!


I think you own a really brilliant blog. I have always expressed interest in Japan and am looking forward to migrating there after my studies. You've raised my already-passionate love of Japan. Thank you.

Account Deleted

That seafood is making me drool! I love getting fresh fish at markets and eating it right there- reminds me of Pike Place in Seattle. Cool photos of the whole wool-making process, too.


What a beautiful cat Toki is! Is she a dilute calico?

Your picture of the kangaroos reminded me of a visit to the zoo when my kids were probably about 9 and 5. The conversation was something like this:

Me :"hey, I think that one wallaby might have a baby in it's pouch! See, it looks as though something is poking out!"

Miranda: "uh, Mom, I think that's its testicles"

Me: "But isn't that a pouch? Do males have pouches?" as I tried to duck down and get a closer look. Until the wallaby in question hopped on a nearby female and began enthusisastically mating

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